Military Time


In the hospital setting you will frequently encounter military time. A prescriber may also use military time on a prescription to eliminate any confusion between A.M. and P.M. ¬†Military time is just as easy to learn as it is to read your standard clock. Below is a chart displaying this ’24 hour clock.’


Standard TimeMilitary TimeStandard TimeMilitary TimeStandard TimeMilitary Time
1:00 A.M.0100 hours9:00 A.M.0900 hours5:00 P.M.1700 hours
2:00 A.M.0200 hours10:00 A.M.1000 hours6:00 P.M.1800 hours
3:00 A.M.0300 hours11:00 A.M.1100 hours7:00 P.M.1900 hours
4:00 A.M.0400 hours12:00 P.M.1200 hours8:00 P.M.2000 hours
5:00 A.M.0500 hours1:00 P.M.1300 hours9:00 P.M.2100 hours
6:00 A.M.0600 hours2:00 P.M.1400 hours10:00 P.M.2200 hours
7:00 A.M.0700 hours3:00 P.M.1500 hours11:00 P.M.2300 hours
8:00 A.M.0800 hours4:00 P.M.1600 hours12:00 A.M.0000 hours